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Session 1

Leonard Ryan
Practical Issues & Concerns with CFPB HMDA 2018
practical issues and concerns with cfpb hmda 2018

Topics include:
  • HMDA Changes
  • CFPB Updates
  • Why This Matters
  • Internal Challenges

Price: $99
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Session 3

Jerra Ryan
HMDA 2018 Implementation
Jerra Ryan HMDA Road Show

Topics include:

  • Implementation Considerations
  • Operational Challenges
  • Data Security
  • Implementing HMDA Policies & Procedures

Price: $99
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Session 2

Carey Aimone
Compliance RELIEF HMDA 2018 Training
HMDA Road Show Carey

Topics include:

  • Setup & Security
  • Group Edits 
  • Instant Geocoder/Mapping
  • Reports

Price: $99
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Session 4

Kathleen Blanchard
Clarifying HMDA Reportable Loans and Filing Instructions for 2018
CFPB HMDA regulation

Topics include:

  • HMDA Reportable Loans
  • Loan Purpose
  • Mixed Use Properties
  • Exclusions

Price: $99
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