The HMDA Road Show Recordings


The QuestSoft team has been on the road educating customers on the new CFPB HMDA regulations (click to read the rave reviews). Now you can access this highly successful series On Demand as the last HMDA Road Show is made available to our entire customer base. Join Leonard Ryan, Carey Aimone, Kathleen Blanchard and Jerra Ryan as they unravel the Do's and Don'ts in a practical, down-to-earth presentation. 

Pricing: $99 per session, or $249 for all four sessions.

During this series, we will cover . . .

  • HMDA – Overview of the CFPB rule as it relates to data collection and submission.
  • Specific Fields where companies will experience difficulties with accurate information.
  • Let’s get real: The PRACTICAL side of the new HMDA vs. the legal presentation.
  • Real Problems others are experiencing during testing.
  • The HELOC issue.
  • The New URLA and its impact on data collection.

Also included:

  • In-depth training sessions of QuestSoft’s Compliance RELIEF (the cure for HMDAgeddon).
  • LOS Update: Where we stand with all systems.
  • The HMDA Academy – A high-value assistant -- free of charge to customers.
  • Fair Lending Update.
  • Correcting errors at the point where they are made.
  • How HMDA will now tie into all other forms of mortgage compliance.

But wait, there’s more!

  • HMDA and NMLS Mortgage Call Report – Non-Depositories and State chartered institutions.
  • HMDA and the new face of CRA – Depository Institutions and Credit Unions.
  • Pricing and Fair Lending.
  • How geocoding will provide some level of advanced fair lending protection.
  • HMDA Round Table -- Allows all attendees to check with peers into how they are handling issues.
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