Loan File Reviews

Leading lenders and insurance companies rely on QuestSoft for loan reviews that are cost-effective, thorough, and boardroom ready.

When you hire QuestSoft Verifications for loan reviews or full audits, you simply send QuestSoft the loan file and let us take it from there. For a fixed price we will review and verify all information within the file, including but not limited to employment, assets, and occupancy. If desired, we also offer a documented interview with the borrower or other loan participants. We can customize our services to fit your needs. Whether you have single-issue or full-file audit needs, we can handle it all.

Fraud Investigations

In the event of lawsuits or repurchase demands, QuestSoft offers extensive fraud investigations. These customizable reviews can cover any aspect of a loan file, providing insight into all of the complex moving parts.

Investigations take up time & money, and are difficult to perform in-house. To date, QuestSoft has performed over 80,000 forensic loan fraud audits. That's why leading lenders & insurance companies rely on QuestSoft for investigations that are cost-effective and thorough.

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