Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have questions about our verification of employment and income services. Here you can view answers to frequently asked questions below.

 What industries does QuestSoft perform verifications for? 

QuestSoft verifies data for mortgage loans, auto loans, landlords, student loans and more. If you have a business need to verify an applicant's information, QuestSoft is available and ready.

 What type of turnaround times can I expect for an employment verification? 

Employment verifications that require salaried information usually take 1-3 business days. Over 80% are back within 72 hours. Verbal verifications of employment are usually complete same-day.

 Is there a minimum order for verifications? 

Yes, we require a minimum order of 10 verifications.

 My loan has already closed. Why is QuestSoft verifying my employment? 

QuestSoft performs post-closing quality control audits for major mortgage insurance companies. When your lender insures your mortgage after the close of escrow, the mortgage insurance company will re-verify the information provided at the time of closing.

 I'm applying for a line of credit, such as a mortgage or auto loan but have never heard of QuestSoft. What is your relationship to my lender?  

QuestSoft provides pre-funding verification services for lenders across the country. Lenders contract QuestSoft to handle these verifications to speed up the lending process.

 How does QuestSoft protect my data? 

QuestSoft's security satisfies the strictest standards of publicly traded insurers & lenders. We adhere to all state & federal consumer protection laws, and use every precaution to make sure your sensitive data is secure.