About Day 1 Certainty®

Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae creates a more transparent and efficient mortgage origination process. Day 1 Certainty gives lenders freedom from specific representations and warranties for loan components that have been validated by an authorized supplier.

QuestSoft is a “supplier” and not just a reseller of the Day 1 Certainty process. Authorized suppliers must first undergo a rigorous third-party risk review, data accuracy tests, and participate in a pilot phase to be considered for the Day 1 Certainty program. There are currently less than ten authorized suppliers for Day 1 Certainty and resellers require a supplier such as QuestSoft to fulfill their requests.

Streamline Your Origination Process

The more strenuous requirements of being a supplier rather than just a reseller allows QuestSoft to offer highly competitive pricing and the fastest connections to the Fannie Mae network. There are only nine companies in the United States that have achieved this status and QuestSoft is proud to be one of them. The many resellers in the industry must use a supplier such as us to deliver the actual services.  

Prevent Fraud

The digital process collects data directly from employers and financial institutions, which greatly lowers the risk of documents being forged. 

Reduce Risk

By using an authorized verification service, lenders can be sure that the data they receive for loan components is accurate and comes with the guarantee of freedom from reps and warrants.


How Do I Receive Day 1 Certainty?

All you have to do is use our Web VERIFY service to order your 4506-T verifications and add the following information into Desktop Underwriter:

Step 1: Copy the FXID from Web VERIFY

Day 1 Certainty FXID


Step 2: Navigate to your loan in Desktop Underwriter and under "Additional Data" enter the SSN and FXID number (separated by a colon) in the "Reference Number" section under Income & Asset Validation

Day 1 Certainty Reference Number


That's it! You now have Day 1 Certainty!

From this point, Fannie Mae will contact QuestSoft directly and download additional data that provides them confidence that proper procedures have been taken by you and QuestSoft. This then deems this loan request eligible to waive some of the reps and warrants you are otherwise responsible for in loan purchases without the Day 1 Certainty authentication from QuestSoft.

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