QuestSoft's e-signature services are IRS-authorized to provide legally binding electronic signatures for 4506-T tax forms.

Legally Binding Electronic Signatures for IRS Form 4506-T Services

QuestSoft's e-signature services significantly reduce processing times and lower rejection rates. You can also track all of your 4506-T and SSA-89 verifications in one centralized place for easy monitoring.

In addition to our in-house system, if you already contract with an e-sign provider, we provide gateways to many of the most popular vendors, including Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), DocMagic, DocuPrep, DocuSign, eSignSystems/Wave I, IDS, and Silanis…giving you freedom of choice.

E-signatures can make your loan compliance workflow paperless since it's now possible to have just the electronic files, rather than a separate paper file for signatures as well as the electronic paperwork. Why lug around stacks of manila folders when you can point-and-click instead? Unscientific surveys have shown people using e-signature services from QuestSoft have 50% cleaner desks.*

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* We totally made this up, but we're pretty sure it's true.