Geocoding for Other Industries

Originally engineered to meet the demands of banking and finance, Instant Geocoder is now used across a wide range of industries.

Banking and Finance

Instant Geocoder is the gold standard for the financial industry. It is integrated into seven times more lending applications than its nearest competitor.

Bank demands are stringent. There are significant fines, loss of reputation, potential litigation for Fair Lending or community reinvestment violations, and re-submission work for errant data. That’s why more banks, credit unions and mortgage companies choose Instant Geocoder and have for more than ten years.

Instant Geocoder is typically five-to-seven months ahead of government-provided data and thus is very popular with home builders who need the most up-to-date information possible. This compliance quality standard also applies to other QuestSoft banking and financial industry products such as Compliance EAGLE and Compliance RELIEF.


Do you need to track your company’s investments back to areas where your policyholders live? Perhaps analyze or assign risk based on the census tract rather than the zip code? Need extensive demographic information to clearly determine fair premium treatment? Then Instant Geocoder delivers. Instant Geocoder can incorporate virtually any piece of information that can be analyzed by census tract, including crime statistics, demographics, racial makeup, income levels, households, or accident occurrences.

Medical / HealthCare

Geocoding patients and/or disease instances into regions, counties, or census tracts can help quickly identify outbreaks while leaving patient information confidential. In addition, Instant Geocoder is easy to integrate into your medical reporting software. The product can also be placed on the desktop of any computer, for immediate use.

Human Resources / Business Expansion

Utilizing Empowerment Zones and Employment Tax Credits can help you determine the benefits of hiring and/or opening new businesses. Sometimes the difference between receiving a tax break or not could depend on one side of the street or the other. You need to geocode an address to make those determinations.
For example, the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development indicates that utilizing Empowerment Zones can amount to $36,000 per eligible employee hired for over five years.

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