Geocoding Editions

All of our geocoding products utilize the same high-quality source digital street maps.

All street segments are geocoded to census-tracts prior to building any of the editions shown below. The only question is what level of information you require for your project and/or specific needs.

We have two edition levels, each having a higher level of detail (location/point) results. All editions have the same accuracy level in providing census-tracts.

Base Level Edition. . .

. . . includes census-tract level results. This edition is installed in most instances today. It is also the most compact and easily downloadable onto your local environment. If your geocoding goal only requires census-tract level information, this is the best choice.

With census-tract level accuracy, you can determine all the information that is available from the Census Bureau as well as from other sources. The Base Level Edition is a mere 120 MB in size for the entire United States and available from the QuestSoft Download Center.

Plus Level Edition . . .

. . . adds a street-segment level point location. Street segment points are useful when you just need to place a point on a map, but do not need exact positioning. Generally, street-segment points can be up to 50-200 yards from the actual location.

This edition adds Google Maps™ and Microsoft Bing® Maps links to our user interface, which enables users to visually identify the point against real map layouts. This product is approximately 400 MB in size and can be easily downloaded from the QuestSoft Download Center.

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