Geocoding for Developers

Instant Geocoder can be incorporated into any application that contains an address.

Whether to provide census tracts, verify proper spelling, cross reference zip codes and cities, or return latitude/longitude for mapping, Instant Geocoder is the quickest way to accuracy.

Providing a Windows user interface has been the foundation of our product and is still the leading method of interfacing our deliverable database with other products and systems. We also have a dedicated SOAP Web-Service, providing geocoding through simple XML transmission methods.

Windows DLL

The very simple and straightforward Windows DLL interface enable you to get started with both individual and batch geocoding in very little time with minimal coding. Using the DLL interface does not require the use of our visual interface.

Our user interface allows us to improve the user experience by adding more features and capabilities that may be difficult and/or impossible to integrate into another product. Future versions will include displays of census information, integrated maps, and integrated census-tract overlays.

SOAP Web Service

We have crafted a stand-alone Windows service acting as its own web server (HTTP server) with a SOAP-style interface system to request geocoding. QuestSoft maintains a publicly hosted SOAP web service if you do not wish to host it locally. Simple authentication information is all you need to interface.

Programs / Utilities (Included)

QuestSoft provides a set of supplemental utilities to start using the product immediately including a quick address lookup program and a simple batch program for geocoding large numbers of records.

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