Geocoding Demographics

Generally once you geocode an address you will want to match the location with demographic information.

Usually this involves a secondary step of connecting to another database and matching the geocode values to the demographic information.

Built-In Demographics

Instant Geocoder has a built-in demographics retrieval system so this step is effectively eliminated. You may request data from multiple modules at once, which can be based on different levels of geocodes (State, MSA, County, and Census-Tract).

You can always use the geocodes to match demographic information yourself, or you may want QuestSoft to build a module for your needs. The demographics modules are built to make the process of finding the data extremely quick and efficient.

We currently have a set of modules for the mortgage / lending / financial industry, which is perfect for use in determining lending opportunities. Banks and institutions operating under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) will also find this information highly useful in meeting the institution's needs in determining underserved areas. This includes a large set of data from FFIEC, HUD, FNMA, and FHA.

Additional sets that have been suggested for census tract based demographics include crime statistics, accident rates, political affiliations, empowerment zones, etc. You can check here for specific fields included with all licenses of Instant Geocoder. Please contact us should you wish to work with us on any other data set.

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