Geocoding Accuracy

With more than 8 million verifications annually, accuracy in QuestSoft’s Instant Geocoder is the best available.

In our primary markets, that attribute overrides everything from ease-of-use to integrations. Time and time again, Instant Geocoder has been proven to be accurate in over 10,000 government banking audits.

Accuracy includes many factors -- most importantly, the source digital street maps, zip-code boundaries, and census-tract boundaries. A reduction of quality in any of these important pieces can result in lower matches and potentially incorrect results.

QuestSoft starts with NAVTEQ digital street data -- the same data used by the vast majority of GPS systems -- to achieve the highest level of street accuracy.

We then add industry-leading zip code and census tract information. You cannot geocode an address without first being able to break it down into its components and identify each portion to match with digital street maps.


Sophisticated Street-Matching

Street-matching is quite an art form, and every geocoding system uses different search methods that could provide different results even when using the same source data -- so it's highly important to match the correct information.

Instant Geocoder databases are regularly updated, and these updates are included in our licenses. More than 1 million new addresses and global positioning enhancements have been added in each of the past two years.

We are proud of the street matching system built into our product, since it has stood up to competitive challenges and government audits over the years. At the same time we are always improving Instant Geocoder’s abilities and making it smarter.

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