Instant Geocoder Blur

Accurate Batch Geocoding for Any Industry

Instant Geocoder is the industry-leading geocoding solution that provides several different address matching options and census tract data. Instant Geocoder can geocode 10,000 records per minute and provides accuracy scores for each match.

How does Instant Geocoder work?

Geocoding is the process of matching addresses to a point on the globe (latitude/longitude) and using that point against known regions.

Marketing our product to the highly-regulated financial industry since the 1990's has helped mold our Instant Geocoder into one of the very best and most accurate geocoding systems available today.

Up-to-date, precise geocoding information is critical to a number of industries we serve. Instant Geocoder was initially conceived to lower the extreme costs of geocoding massive amounts of loan applications. Our product saved the industry tens of thousands of dollars with its very first version, and that trend continues to this day.

Instant Geocoder Address Match

We Give You Choices...

Most geocoding systems are designed to provide a "no matter what" solution. Our design allows you to make some of those rare judgment calls when the provided address doesn't perfectly match the digital maps.

Other systems typically pick the first potential match when several could be correct, thus returning incorrect information. Instant Geocoder is the only system that provides a list of all addresses within a zip code and possible alternatives in adjoining zip codes for your immediate selection.

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