There are over 20 reports available within CRA RELIEF and even more variations of each. Below are some examples of the reports available in CRA RELIEF.

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Lending Test 1 - Assessment Area Concentration Ratios

cra-lending-test-1_small_051719 One of the first tests performed in an examination is how many loans were made to borrowers in your established assessment areas where deposits are collected versus outside of these areas.

This test divides products by required vs. optional lines. The purpose of the report is to illustrate your performance in the required lines and quickly identify optional lines of business that should contribute to improving your overall performance rating.


Lending Test 2 - Assessment Area Gap Analysis

cra-lending-test-2_small_051719This colorful report is designed to analyze all tracts within your selected assessment area to determine the number of census tracts by lending category where there is no lending activity. The higher the number of tracts without lending activity, the more likely you may have an issue that might require further analysis and explanation.

This report includes a mapping option that allows you to export your assessment area data and lending activity to a file that can be imported into many popular mapping programs.


Lending Test 3 - Assessment Area LMI Tract Penetration

cra-lending-test-3_small_051719This report measures your penetration rate with emphasis on low and moderate income census tracts.

You have the option of running the report with or without market data. However, your examiner will use the overall market data to measure your performance in these tracts versus your peers (competitors) that are lending to the same area.



Lending Test 4 - Assessment Area Borrower Characteristics

cra-lending-test-4_small_051719Similar to the Assessment Area LMI Tract Penetration report above, this test goes farther into reviewing the income of the borrower in each of the consumer credit lending categories (HMDA, Home Equity, Auto and Consumer loans) by comparing your performance to your industry peers. The greater your percentage of lending to LMI borrowers over your competitors based on borrower income, the higher your rank.


Lending Test 5 - Community Development Lending

cra-lending-test-5_small_051719Since the regulation specifically defines Community Development as encouraging a focus on serving the needs of low (or moderate) income individuals; this report addresses your Community Development activity and provides a relationship to that type of lending in your home state.