Compliance RELIEF Features

Compliance RELIEF Dashboard
  • Become proficient in 20 minutes
  • Import records seamlessly from over 40 loan origination systems
  • No more rekeying an address to find geocodes
  • Instantly view Quality and Validity error conditions
  • Submit in your agency's preferred format: HUD, CFPB, OCC, FDIC, NCUA, FRB
  • Store multi-year data in one central place
  • License only the modules you need such as HMDA, CRA, Fair Lending, NMLS Mortgage Call Report, Market Data, and Mapping
  • Unlimited users at no additional cost

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  • Reduce processing & submission time by 80-90%
  • Import your loan records in seconds
  • Correct common data entry errors via Group Edits function
  • Automatically re-verifies census tracts for accuracy
  • Stay in compliance with quarterly updates

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hmda relief features

CRA Assessment Area Report

cra relief

  • Detailed, concise performance reports present relevant loan details and graphs
  • Validity and Quality errors identified and corrected using Group Edits
  • Automated assessment area delineation
  • Community development loan data and purpose stored in program

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  • Uses live HMDA data - no need to import loan files
  • Automated file-by-file matched pair testing
  • Access loan files directly from reports
  • Analyze peer data to quickly identify credit needs for a selected geography

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Mortgage Call Reports


  • Fast, easy-to-use program that quickly imports LOS records for the NMLS quarterly report
  • Verifies each record; checks for validity errors and missing data
  • Creates an XML file for each state to be directly uploaded to the NMLS website for submission
  • Automatically divides LAR into each state

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  • Automated geocoding processes up to 10,000 records per minute
  • No street address adjustments needed (as required with other software)
  • Accurate in over 10,000 government banking audits
  • Quarterly database updates

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Instant Mapping


  • Instantly map your CRA Assessment Area
  • LMI tract information and demographics
  • Map branches, ATMs and LPOs
  • Enhanced filters based on loan details

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  • Custom tailored reports to your specific CRA Assessment Area(s)
  • Provides performance context for CRA examinations
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Create reports for both your Examiners and Board of Directors

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