Automated Mortgage Compliance

In order to help keep you TRID compliant, Compliance EAGLE includes a RESPA Closing Fee service which allows you to accurately disclose settlement and title fees as well as recording fees and transfer taxes on your Loan Estimate. This accuracy will reduce any fee variances between your initial Loan Estimate and your final Closing Disclosure and substantially reduce or eliminate fee cures.

In addition, our review service for TILA-RESPA provides for the recalculation and verification of various disclosures that are required in the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure documents as outlined below:

  • Perform Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure timing tests (most LOS integrations)
  • Perform fee variance tests (cannot increase, cannot decrease [lender credits], and can increase by 10% in aggregate) and calculate the "baseline" values for each fee or category (most LOS integrations)
  • Validate the Product Description
  • Notify the need to re-disclose based on the addition of a Prepayment Penalty
  • Recalculate and compare the following to the disclosed Loan Estimate and/or Closing Disclosure:
    • Total Principal in Five Years
    • APR
    • Finance Charge
    • Amount Financed
    • Projected Payments
    • Adjustable Payments
    • Adjustable Interest Rates
    • Cash To Close

With Compliance EAGLE, TRID is never an issue.

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