The HMDA Academy

The HMDA Academy

QuestSoft is teaming up with Key Compliance Services, creators of The HMDA Academy to provide a one-stop training and coaching resource. The HMDA Academy and QuestSoft will get you ready for the revised HMDA rules, and help with current ones!

The HMDA Academy is different -- you receive training and consulting services in one package.

Training is provided via webinars, all recorded and available for unlimited viewing, plus charts and other tools to help you now and as you move forward implementing the new HMDA rules.

The platform allows for posting questions and receiving detailed answers. The information provided assists in understanding the rules and developing and implementing a new process.

The HMDA Academy, as much as possible, helps to make sense of this new and complex rule.

Only QuestSoft’s Compliance RELIEF HMDA customers can get unlimited access to The HMDA Academy for FREE.

Beginning in 2018, data integrity, staff training & accountability, detailed procedures and a complete understanding of the rules, with a solid data testing and submission process -- will be more important than ever!

The HMDA Academy and Compliance RELIEF is the best way to make it all happen!

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