lending paterns hmda and cra data insights

Use LendingPatterns™ to Gain Insight Before The Exam

LendingPatternsTM will allow you to analyze your HMDA data before your regulator evaluates your organization. Know if you are considered an outlier, as defined by the FDIC.

Order LendingPatterns to tell and defend your HMDA results and validate your CRA story before your next compliance exam. The results are highly useful in ongoing self-examinations and monitoring.

Use LendingPatterns as a first step and gain these crucial insights:
  • Uncover and document any disparities compared to your peers
  • View your HMDA data the same way a regulator will view your data
  • Identify compliance outliers
  • Learn best practices at the LendingPatterns orientation

  lending patterns analysis software is . . .

Can create sophisticated reports in 2 minutes or less

An easy web-based interface with point & click filtering

Can be used with limited training

Can create beautiful maps and charts that document and tell your story

Used by major lenders, and federal enforcement agencies

Cost effective
The best value for any CRA or HMDA analysis tool on the market

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LendingPatterns™ is a trademark of CLC Compliance Technologies, Inc.