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Measure Your CRA Performance
Precisely and Quickly

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          Analyze and Monitor Performance...

Like an Examiner!

  • No re-keying of data
  • Automated geocoding of addresses
  • Community development loan information maintained in the program
  • Measure performance quickly and manage risk more effectively with detailed reports
  • See where you may need to distribute resources to more critical areas
  • Send your submission via encrypted email to your regulator: OCC, FRB, FDIC, OTS


             Deeper Functionality

  • Import data or use drop down menus for quick and easy data selection
  • Validity and Quality errors identified and corrected using group-edits
  • Address cross-referencing provides the most accurate data used for geocoding
  • Automated Assessment Area delineation, including:
    • - State, MA, County, Census Tract
    • - Income Levels selected on screen
    • - Ensures that low-mod tracts are not arbitrarily excluded


        Unique Features

  • Branch, LPO and Loan Team data can be stored for targeted performance analysis
  • Report distribution to Senior Management and Board of Directors by email
  • LMI identification by geography or income displayed for each loan record
  • Community development loan data and purpose stored in program
  • Integrated Notes feature for documenting audit results or additional loan detail


            One-Step Submission

  • Encrypted submission file automatically created
  • Auto-generated email to regulator
  • Easily save and back up submission file


              Analyze Your Performance

  • Detailed, concise performance reports present relevant loan detail and graphs
  • Performance analysis by numbers and dollars
  • Targeted branch and loan team performance analysis
  • Institution performance context detail

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