TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID)

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Automated Mortgage Compliance


The October 3, 2015 disclosures by the CFPB were not just simple form changes. They impact your entire loan operation, especially in your company’s need to document and plan the timely funding and closing of your loan pipeline.

Lenders who currently have realtor/borrower relationships that often operate in a crisis/panic mode are experiencing new mandatory roadblocks which have the potential to destroy your bottom line and maybe even your business. Efficient operations using TRID-compliant tools should benefit by picking up business and strengthening their reputation -- especially in purchase markets. 
If you want to make sure you're TRID-compliant, you need Compliance EAGLE. It is the easiest solution to the new complex rules.

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With Compliance EAGLE, TRID is never an issue.

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