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Best Practices for Verifications of Employment

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QuestSoft’s Verifications division held a webinar on March 14, 2018 to show how you can save time with Verifications of Employment. 

Recently, the demand for lenders to verify borrower’s employment and income has skyrocketed. The GSEs and investors alike have made it clear that verified information is necessary.

The tightened standards on verified income have increased the workload and cost of origination. Finding a solution to this challenge is more important than ever.

During this free webinar, we covered:

  • Time-saving verification tips
  • Tricky verification scenarios
  • The importance of secure transmission
  • Steps to easy ordering
  • QuestSoft’s high customer service standards
  • And much more!

Recommended for: Executives interested in streamlining originations and Compliance Officers

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Bob Simpson
Director, QuestSoft Verifications

Bob has been an industry expert in the field of mortgage loan investigations for more than 20 years. As president of IMARC, Bob gained vast experience in the verification and quality control business, and as a successful mortgage fraud attorney providing investigation services to some of the nation’s most prominent lenders and mortgage insurance companies.


Justin Shomaker
Process Director, QuestSoft Verifications

Justin joined IMARC in 2008 and managed the mortgage fraud division, which provided tens of thousands of forensic loan audits to leading mortgage insurance companies during the peak of the financial meltdown. His responsibilities have included all aspects of income verification, from manual and verbal verifications, to full utilization of online and digital resources. His experience in verification and audit services provides a valuable skillset to lenders looking to improve efficiency and lower origination costs.

Jenn Mathwig QuestsoftJennifer Mathwig
Program Manager, QuestSoft

With nearly 20 years experience in the mortgage industry, Jennifer came to QuestSoft from Mavent Inc., one of QuestSoft's strategic alliance partners. She is responsible for integrations with LOS's, documentation, product enhancements, and the occasional assist for our top-rated Support team.