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[Archived: 8/16/17]
Part 1:
Something HMDA This Way Comes

QuestSoft held a webinar on August 16, 2017 on the new CFPB HMDA regulations, how they will impact your organization, and specific plans to make compliance with the new HMDA rules the most efficient and time-saving process in the industry.

At a training event in Austin, Texas in 2016, representatives from the CFPB estimated there would be a 40% increase in the total number of transactions under the expanded CFPB HMDA data collection and submission requirements. Simply put . . . We’ve Never Done HMDA This Way Before.

Topics for this webinar included:

  • The inside scoop behind the regulations and latest changes including new data integrity error checks released just a few weeks ago.
  • New loan types affected by HMDA in 2018.
  • Internal concerns for HMDA data fields you will be required to collect and report.
  • Recommendations for improving data integrity within your company.
  • A timeline of the changes and how to prepare in advance.
  • The new public face of HMDA: Implications for Fair Lending and the future of mortgage lending.
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Kathleen Blanchard

Kathleen Blanchard
President of Key Compliance Services, LLC.

Kathleen Blanchard has over 32 years of experience in banking. She has developed lending and regulatory processes as a banker and consultant Kathleen has been providing training and consulting services for banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders on their regulatory compliance processes, HMDA and CRA reporting, process development and training since 2006. 



carey aimone vp questsoft

Carey Aimone
VP of Training & Support, QuestSoft Corporation

Carey Aimone manages the support and multi-media training for more than 2,200 QuestSoft customers nationwide. His extensive financial services and training background, forward thinking and attention to detail bring high value to QuestSoft and fuel his team earning continued client loyalty and testimonials on stellar customer service.