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[Archived: 8/23/17]
Part 2:
Creating Ironclad CRA Assessment Areas

QuestSoft  held a webinar on August 23, 2017 on the new CRA regulations and how to use CRA data to your advantage.

While many institutions understand the technical guidelines -- such as no “donut holes” -- the retail banking landscape is constantly changing with branch closings, mergers and demographic shifts requiring more attention. CRA benefits lending institutions that not only meet the regulation but learn to profit from their Assessment Area design.

Topics for this webinar included:

  • Understanding how your CRA Assessment Area configuration affects CRA performance expectations.
  • How to avoid Fair Lending accusations.
  • How to profit from Assessment Area design.
  • Recommendations for improving data integrity within your company.
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Picture of Len Suzio

Len Suzio
President, GeoDataVision   

Len Suzio is a State Senator from Connecticut and a nationally renowned CRA expert. His professional experience includes working as a founder/president of GeoDataVision, a bank consultant company focusing on federal banking regulations, director, executive VP and senior loan officer for American National  Bank in Hamden, CT, and serving on the Meriden Board of Education from 1995-2005.



Leonard Ryan
President, QuestSoft Corporation

Leonard Ryan has been associated with the mortgage industry for over 30 years, and is the founder of QuestSoft. He is a member of both MBA HMDA and NMLS Mortgage Call Report working groups, and is nationally recognized as a HMDA expert.