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As a recognized leader in automated compliance solutions, QuestSoft is helping the industry through rough times.

QuestSoft Unveils Compliance Webinar Series for Fall 2018

Series aims to assist lenders in navigating complex regulations while remaining profitable

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIF., Aug. 30, 2018 –
In an effort to assist lenders in best managing today’s regulatory-centric mortgage industry, QuestSoft has once again partnered with industry experts to provide a series of free informational webinars on the latest in mortgage compliance.

Across today’s competitive lending environment, lenders must be able to reduce origination costs, offer innovative products and services, and of course, maintain profits. With this in mind, QuestSoft has designed its webinar series to assist lenders in effectively streamlining the compliance process with a strong focus on the bottom line.

“As today’s mortgage environment continues to change and evolve in the face of more regulation, we continue to lend our unique perspective and expertise to help lenders adapt to the ‘new regulatory normal,’” said Leonard Ryan, president of QuestSoft. “Last year, in anticipation of the new HMDA, our webinar series averaged over 500 attendees per session. We were able to disseminate a great deal of useful information to the industry. As thought leaders in the compliance space, we recognize an obligation to continue providing insight on many of the key issues impacting lenders and present best practices on how best to combat these issues moving forward.”

The first webinar, “Mortgage Compliance in the Digital Era,” will take place on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018 and will focus on the changing landscape for mortgage lending today and how technology will impact lenders’ regulatory compliance processes as digital mortgages become more commonplace. The webinar pairs Mr. Ryan with digital mortgage expert Garth Graham, senior partner at STRATMOR Group. Additional webinars will address:

More information on the webinar series is available at:


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