Analysis of
CRA Performance Ratings


As banks look to maximize their performance under The Community Reinvestment Act, it’s important to understand trends that have emerged as a result of a decade worth of Performance Evaluations. This report analyzes key trends that were discovered during this time.

QuestSoft's CRA Performance Ratings Report

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Contributing Authors

Loretta Kirkwood

Loretta Kirkwood
Vice President, Compliance, QuestSoft Corporation

For more than three decades, Loretta has been helping institutions navigate the constantly changing fair lending and compliance landscape. She is a regulatory compliance and risk management executive with experience in both the lending and regulatory worlds. Her most significant areas of focus include compliance management system and program development, risk assessments, data quality management, process mapping, and staff training. Her knowledge of regulations, operations, and technology throughout the financial services industry provide an integrated perspective in the design and development of QuestSoft’s products.




Leonard Ryan
President, QuestSoft Corporation

Leonard has been associated with the mortgage industry for over 30 years, and is the founder of QuestSoft. He is a member of both MBA HMDA and NMLS Mortgage Call Report working groups, and is nationally recognized as a HMDA expert in automated compliance systems and methodology.