Learn about trending topics, compliance challenges,
and best practices.

S.2155 HMDA Partial Exemption Guide

S.2155 HMDA Implementation Guide

A quick guide to provide clarification on what institutions should do to ensure accurate data submission and compliance with the regulation.


Risk Management and Fraud Prevention Guide

Fraud continues to be an expensive and damaging risk for lenders of all sizes. This e-book will show what schemes you should be aware of — using real stories from our verification team.

Risk Management and Fraud Prevention E-Book

CRA Compliance Guide

The Ultimate Guide to CRA Compliance

This guide will help you navigate the current Community Reinvestment Act regulation by providing industry best practices, common challenges, and actionable tips on how to meet expectations.


The HMDA Survival Guide (2018)

Major regulatory changes are happening in 2018. It is important for new HMDA entrants and experienced compliance officers to not only know what the upcoming changes entail but how to prepare their organization and processes to be compliant with the new rules. This e-book has been prepared as an easy-to-read reference guide for the upcoming year.

cfpb hmda survival guide ebook

2018 mortgage compliance regulations

2018 Compliance Insights

With new regulatory changes in effect and political uncertainty, 2018 will be a very different year for financial institutions. This e-book will give you a quick look at what regulations are changing, what may change and what you can do to reduce risk.