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4506-T Vendors Warning of Closing Delays

Dec 20, 2017 by Brian Arnesen

Just because your vendor wasn’t prepared like QuestSoft is no reason to accept their excuses.

The IRS called a sudden meeting on Friday, December 8th to announce that they were going to implement security to protect taxpayers. The surprise was they were implementing it over that same weekend.

Some of the industry’s most prominent vendors privately indicated to National Mortgage News that they were caught flat-footed. They specifically stated the changes were adding days to their processes. They complained to Washington that your fundings could be delayed “months”.

 4506-T delaysHowever, QuestSoft was the only vendor quoted as business as usual because we had already programmed in tighter security and didn’t rely on political clout or crying to get us through the issue.

Why is what mega-vendors are saying to the IRS and Washington politicians so different from what they tell you?  Is it time to have a “Plan B” for a coming 4506-T vendor meltdown?

The IRS told all of us a year ago what they were going to do. They implemented it, and the industry cried. The IRS pulled back and said they would do it later. While your vendor went on with their normal business, ignoring the changes, QuestSoft updated our systems to prepare for the change.

QuestSoft has the industry’s highest customer service ratings because we know compliance is serious. And we took the IRS at their word regarding taxpayer security.

Stop listening to excuses. If you want to keep your present “Big Box” vendor, at least have a reliable one as a backup plan. Don’t let their “monthlong” delays be your problem.

Call, email or click here for more info . . . and don’t get caught in the politics and infighting when it comes to your ability to serve your borrower.

Get a solid, reliable backup plan with QuestSoft Verifications.