Privacy Policy
As a leading compliance product and services provider, QuestSoft places a tremendous emphasis on the privacy of our customers’ information. This privacy policy addresses the various areas where our companies may interact. These include Records Handling, Information About Your Company, and the Internet.

Records Handling
QuestSoft customers may be required to submit data to QuestSoft for the purpose of providing contracted services, for analysis or to assist in the resolution of a technical problem. Under no circumstances is your non-public transactional information is ever marketed or shared with other companies for the purpose of marketing. We only share this information when (a) We have your consent to share the information; (b) We need to share the information in order to provide the product or service you have requested; (c) We need to send the information to companies who work on behalf of us to provide a product or service to you; or (d) We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process. All companies that contract with QuestSoft to assist in providing services are similarly required contractually to not use any provided information for purposes other than to provide the requested product or service.

We do archive data records sent to us for the purpose of providing retrieval services to various customer requests and for documentation/quality assurance purposes. Archived records are never distributed to any party without customer consent.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of private customer information handled by our company, QuestSoft products are specifically designed to process as much information as possible within user based programs and minimize the amount of information that is required to be transmitted to QuestSoft.

Information About Your Company

Click here for QuestSoft's statement of compliance with provisions under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. [PDF format]

Information about your company may be required from time to time in order for us to properly conduct business. This can include contact information, operating procedures, products used in the course of your business and financial information. QuestSoft may use Contact Data to email, mail, or call you via telephone to provide you with information about our company or our products or services. We use your financial data to qualify and bill you for products and services. Under no circumstances except as required by law does QuestSoft disclose financial data on your company and credit card information is not maintained on any internet-accessible system.

We provide contact and operating information to a third party only when necessary to perform a contracted service. Non-public information about your company is never provided to third parties for any use other than to perform a contracted service. We may identify your use of QuestSoft products and services to vendors that already have a pre-existing relationship with you (for example, loan production software companies) for the purpose of establishing or maintaining an interface between our products.

QuestSoft does produce and market products based on publicly available data. These include databases based on information published by and available directly from government agencies or other sources. QuestSoft does not use information obtained from our business relationship with your company in the preparation of any of these products.

Internet Privacy Policies
In the course of conducting a business relationship, it may become convenient or necessary to visit websites maintained by QuestSoft, including,, and other sites established by QuestSoft. The following is our privacy policy for use when visiting our websites.

Demographic Information
We may, from time to time, ask demographic or personal preference questions. You are never required to answer these questions. This data may be used for analyzing overall site demographics, user preferences and tastes, and similar "getting to know our customers" purposes. We may disclose this data to third parties (such as summary reports for marketing and interface partners), but never with user data or identification assigned to the information provided.

Personal Access Information
Usercodes and passwords are required to access private areas available only to our customers or to update critical software or data components. These are never disclosed to any third party. We ensure the confidentiality and security of information stored in our website by taking all reasonable and prudent steps necessary to protect your personal information. While no security measure is foolproof, we believe that we have implemented a system that is as safe as today’s technology permits. Since we realize the importance of protecting your privacy, we will continue to evaluate new technologies and make improvements as these technologies become feasible.

Service Alerts and Critical Notices
Although we respect and honor the privacy preferences you have expressed, we may nevertheless contact you to inform you of specific changes that may impact your ability to use contracted services or for other critical non-marketing purposes, such as bug alerts. We may also contact you to respond to your specific requests or to clarify order information you provided to us.

Usage Tracking
QuestSoft uses a variety of methods of tracking non-personal usage data when you visit our sites. We catalog traffic patterns throughout the site, including identifying browser and system data. We gather this data to optimize site conditions for our users. This also helps us identify general viewing and usage patterns so that we can improve the quality of subsequent visits by you and others.

A "cookie" is a small piece of information that our website may provide to your browser while you are at our site. QuestSoft products and services supply your browser with cookies that contain a unique identifier used to better understand website usage in the aggregate so that we know what areas of our site users prefer (e.g., based on the number of visits to those areas). Except in registered areas, these cookies are not linked to the personally identifiable information that you provide us elsewhere on the site. You do not have to accept cookies from our site. Only the areas that require registration require cookies.

When you use QuestSoft update services for one of your QuestSoft products, you may receive a cookie as part of the personal identification process. If provided, this cookie will be used to confirm your identity each time you wish to access one of our services. The cookie enables you to go from screen to screen without being repeatedly asked to authenticate your identity.

Third party tracking systems in use on behalf of this website may assign different cookies to you. These cookies may be used to track your involvement with certain links on our site to help us better understand and improve our site. You may choose not to accept these cookies and will still have full access to site functionality. These cookies do not follow you once you leave our site, nor are they linked to personal information you provide elsewhere on our site.

Site Usage by Children
QuestSoft uses reasonable efforts not to collect, use or disclose individually identifiable information from children under the age of 13. QuestSoft's services are not targeted at children, and children may not register for any portions of the services that require registration.

General Questions: If you have an issue or concern that is not addressed on our privacy policy, please contact us.

Last page revision: 5/5/2016