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HMDA RELIEF is QuestSoft’s flagship software - the most popular, powerful and accurate HMDA reporting solution available.

  • Reduce processing & submission time by 90%
  • Submit your encrypted HMDA LAR in five clicks
  • You’ll be up-to-speed in an hour with our free training
  • Import records seamlessly in seconds from over 40 Loan Origination Systems or raw HMDA data
  • Eliminate re-keying addresses to find geocodes
  • Instantly detect and list Validity and Quality error conditions

Want to see all that HMDA RELIEF can do?
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HMDA RELIEF by QuestSoft is the #1 HMDA submission software for a reason - well, actually several reasons.

  • Easy to use. No special training or seminars required -- though we offer free online training to help you get the most out of the system
  • Fast. HMDA RELIEF imports up to 10,000 records per minute and saves processing & submission time by up to 90% over the old way
  • Accurate. The program even corrects the most common data-entry errors and re-verifies census tracts
  • Secure. Everything stays on your system until you're ready to submit, and then it automatically encrypts the data for easy electronic submission

HMDA RELIEF is the most popular because it's the most powerful and accurate HMDA reporting solution available.

Plus, you'll be ready in advance for all the new CFPB HMDA rules that take effect in 2018. QuestSoft is already preparing for the scores of new fields and requirements so you won't have to worry. Check out our CFPB HMDA Resource Center for all the details.

Want to see it in action?
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The New HMDA

  • 3 times the data points
  • 11 new races
  • 4 new ethnicities
  • HELOCs and Reverse Mortgages now required

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