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Automated End-to-End
Mortgage Lending Compliance Solution

Compliance EAGLE is unique in that it automates the entire mortgage lending compliance process in a single system. Our integrations with popular Loan Origination Systems significantly reduce start-up delays and minimize upfront installation costs.

And it's easy to use. Click the services, reviews and tests you want to run, and in seconds it shows you what has passed, what has failed, and what needs to be checked. There's no second-guessing.

Compliance EAGLE uses proprietary rule sets to identify regulatory exceptions, including:

  • Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Ability-To-Repay (ATR) Dodd-Frank Tests
  • Truth In Lending (TILA) Review
  • Federal (HOEPA), State & Local High Cost Threshold Tests
  • Mavent State Consumer Credit Law Review
  • County Recording Fees Calculations
  • Title Insurance Fee Calculations
  • Instant HMDA Home Mortgage Disclosure Act HMDA Review
  • Geocoding & Address Verification (Census Tract Encoding)
  • OFAC/SSN Review
  • Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Review
  • Broker and Lender Licensing Verification
  • Theory of Lending Review
  • Flood Certifications, Endorsements, Maps & Services


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